Waikiki Amnesia, BBQ, and Diving

I'd booked two dives with Reef PiratesĀ in Hawaii Kaistarting very early with a pick up at 6am from the hotel. The advantage of the early dive was that we would have already dived sites that other dive companies would visit later, thereby getting the dive sites to ourselves. This was definitely the case for us.... Continue Reading →


North West Side Beaches – Maui

This morning was a very lazy morning for us. We had breakfast at the apartment and never really got going until about 11am. We headed first north to Honolua bay but the weather there was more akin to Ireland, ie., drizzling and a bit miserable or in this case rainforest looking. While i wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

Beaches and Volcanoes

So today, Harry decided that he would have a repeat of our second day in Maui, and vomit in the car. He picked almost the identical spot as last time, which we now call the Vomit scenic lookout, because the place where he first vomited was at a scenic lookout and it really was scenic... Continue Reading →

Long Way Round

So after the dives i drove back to the condo and picked up Gina and Harry for a look around Lahaina. If you want a painting, or sculpture with a maritime or natural theme, this is definitely the place to come. I wanted loads of things, from Sculptures depicting Hammerheads swimming around coral heads or... Continue Reading →

Maui and its beauty

We decided to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. We'd flown with them before interisland and they were fun then. They were no fun this time. I really hoped that the feeling of being in Hawaii would begin as soon as i stepped off the gangway and onto the plane, but no, it was just like any... Continue Reading →

Maui Travel Guide

General I will have given some general information about the Hawaiian Islands in my blog post Hawaii in General. Check it out, but this blog is a little more detail on Maui itself. Maui is one of the iconic Hawaiian Islands. If we were playing Family Fortunes and asked to name a Hawaiian Island, this... Continue Reading →

Santa Cruzin’

I'm not going to say it, it is too cliche, but can't resist, please sing along...."Do you know the way to San Jose?!!" Thats our conundrum this morning as we leave Monterey. Our plan is to drive to San Jose and stop off along the way at some sights. There is a lot to do... Continue Reading →


  The road winds along the coast and gains altitude until you are driving alongside cliffs with incredible views off to the left side. By the time we arrived at Big Sur, it was sunset and getting pretty foggy. We got some nice shots of the sunset and McWay falls from the side of the... Continue Reading →

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