Maui Travel Guide

General I will have given some general information about the Hawaiian Islands in my blog post Hawaii in General. Check it out, but this blog is a little more detail on Maui itself. Maui is one of the iconic Hawaiian Islands. If we were playing Family Fortunes and asked to name a Hawaiian Island, this... Continue Reading →

Santa Cruzin’

I'm not going to say it, it is too cliche, but can't resist, please sing along...."Do you know the way to San Jose?!!" Thats our conundrum this morning as we leave Monterey. Our plan is to drive to San Jose and stop off along the way at some sights. There is a lot to do... Continue Reading →


  The road winds along the coast and gains altitude until you are driving alongside cliffs with incredible views off to the left side. By the time we arrived at Big Sur, it was sunset and getting pretty foggy. We got some nice shots of the sunset and McWay falls from the side of the... Continue Reading →

Disneys Carsland

There is nothing like waking up in a hotel near the start of your holidays knowing all the great things that lie ahead for the rest of the holiday. You sit there dreaming of the day ahead, and then you wake up. You are still in the same hotel, and you are still on holidays,... Continue Reading →

Driving Bags around LA

We awoke and took in the pretty amazing view from the window of the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. We could see the planes, descending into the airport, with the Hollywood Hills and Sign in the distance. Pretty nice start to the day. Time to take all our bags (all 7 of them) and head to... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law strikes again

Everyone everywhere has been a victim of Murphy's Law. It may be called something else in your part of the world, but essentially Murphy's Law is that anything that can go wrong will go wrong exactly when you least need it to go wrong. A prime example of this was when myself and my wife... Continue Reading →

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