Time to start vlogging, i mean blogging

I’ve tried writing Blogs before, on and off with little success. See https://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/Normandy-Nights/. I then many years later created another blog and posted the grand total of 3 entries to that sight. Suffice to say i have stuttered my way through the blogging scene to date.

Recently i was having a few drinks with a mate of mine, and he introduced me to a vlog he is presently addicted to watching. It was a slow burner and at first i wondered why my usually productivity focussed mate would watch anything that wasn’t necessarily moving him in the right direction. But this vlog by Casey Neistat https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat is strangely addictive. Casey is a high energy individual with his own business and a passion for creating visually pleasing content. But what is most attractive to me (at least now after watching a few of them) is that each 10 minute or so episode, tells a story, sometimes a trivial story, but each story is engaging and narrated well.

His vlogs got me thinking about my story, and though far from unique (i think we all have interesting stories to tell, we just don’t), i started to think that i should tell my stories, for those that want to read them of course.

So, Why not a vlog? Well firstly I’m not very photogenic, nor am i the best videographer. But i like to think i can spin a tale, so lets see how this goes…Laters…


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