The fun with Property Searches

IMG_4499We’ve been half thinking about selling up and moving down to Wicklow or as we call it downsizing…. our mortgage! We’ve looked around a bit in the last while, and then all of a sudden like a mirage, an apartment with a beautiful sea view and off the ground floor appeared on I immediately handed the ipad to my wife and said “I’ve found the ONE”. She took a moment and scrolled through the photos. She looked back at me and said “Yes, i think you have” and continued to study the photos and the angles they exposed. We are very visual people, so the dimensions of a room or whether it has mains gas is irrelevant to us at this point! It could be powered by small mice on a threadmill in the basement and we might not even know or care!

It was evening time at this stage, so we decided we must see this place the next day or as soon as possible. It had incredible views over the sea off Wicklow town and the Golf course sitting on the cliff edge. Quite dramatic really. But no sooner had we made the decision to launch into the search, than we were disappointed to find the property removed from the website without even a goodbye kiss. I searched all around, and it was gone, our love had abandoned us. Just like a fleeting moment, where everything is perfect, we were left back in that moment wishing we could stay there forever. I can only assume someone else has snapped the apartment up. And i can’t say i blame them. I hope they love it as much as we would have, but if they don’t, i won’t be too upset because it will give us the chance to swoop in and start our love affair for real!


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  1. Great article, very entertaining! I love the mice reference, we were just the same when we found our first home. We didn’t care less what was holding it up, we just loved the rooms, design etc.
    It’s a shame you didn’t get to buy your dream home, but I’m sure you will soon! To paraphrase a famous movie quote; “If someone builds it, you will come, view the place, agree on a price, go through the mortgage process (best part) and 6 months later move in.” Not as elegant as Field of Dreams but things just aren’t as simple nowadays as back then!

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  2. Thanks Rugby Spotlight. Yep, certainly a field of disappointment! Being patient is key in the search for a property. I’d say pick 3 things about the property and do not compromise on those things, even if it means waiting to tick all 3 off.


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