What did you do last Summer?

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Oops, I’ve already let the blog updates slip a little!! I’d love to say I’ve been busy with some amazing things in the last while, but that’s not really the case. I’ve been busy just living my life day to day. It is amazing how quickly weeks just drift by.

But while time drifts by it got me thinking about tracking those little and big achievements that we all gather up over the years. You know those ones that we either consciously or unconsciously forget about. Sometimes when I’m feeling suitably down about myself, or having some confidence issues, I look back in my head over the last few years, and I think I’ve achieved nothing and I’m going nowhere. I seem to go back as far as the last real milestone achievement (and in my case I deemed it to be 9 years ago!), and actually start to believe that I’ve done literally nothing in the time between then and now, hence fulfilling the prophecy of my lack of confidence. It is sometimes during these moments, that one of my meddlesome friends will interject and talk about some achievement I’ve made only last month or last year in an attempt to cheer me up, and I’ll reluctantly shrug their comment off. But almost like hot water on ice, my mood reluctantly starts to lift a bit, and then I start to entertain the other achievements between then and now, and soon I’m actually okay about things again.

So, in recent times, I’ve decided to create a log of those achievements in the form of a timeline. Mine takes the form of an Evernote text document, where literally I have the month and year listed, and the achievement documented. As the years roll by I can see for example, all the trips I’ve taken, the successfully completed work training courses, the compliments received, milestones, such as birth of my son etc. Now when I look back through a random year eg., 2011 I can see all the good things that happened, and that contrary to my belief, it was not a nothing year.

Ironically, people talk about remembering where they were when JFK was assasinated or when the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed. Why not choose to remember your life and your years by your own achievements. Try it and start documenting it now, it doesn’t have to be a fancy app, or document, or spreadsheet, it just has to be written down. Because, often times It is too hard to think positively when you are in a negative space, so having a document that your eyes can glide through can be just what your brain needs to see things differently. Plus, its good to look back at all the stuff you’ve done.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s very enlightening as I too have had this feeling. It really is until you block out all the external noise and start to perform a reality check on yourself do you begin to at least acknowledge that things may not be as you may perceive them to be. Your journey of self discovery is definitely something everyone should pursue. In conclusion, I love your honesty, humour and eloquence in expressing your personal experiences! Looking forward to reading more from you.

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  2. Thanks Rugby Spotlight. I think its a simple thing that we can all do, but for me is more important than a CV because we can refer it to it more regularly and gives back our confidence to us. Cheers


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