Murphy’s Law strikes again

Everyone everywhere has been a victim of Murphy’s Law. It may be called something else in your part of the world, but essentially Murphy’s Law is that anything that can go wrong will go wrong exactly when you least need it to go wrong.

A prime example of this was when myself and my wife booked a trip with our son to America for 6 weeks. Exactly 4 days before we were due to leave on the holiday, our little boy decides he was going to take a trip of his own in the hall and break a bone in his foot. This little boy decides that in his 4 years on the planet, that now would be an ideal time to break his foot.

This of course sent us in a tail spin. Soon he was fitted with a cast and we were advised to report into a hospital in Los Angeles, our first stop on our trip. Well, if that ain’t the makings of a wonderful itinerary i don’t know what is.

Everyone got a birthday present!

I had dreams that perhaps upon seeing our sorrowful and pram bound child that we would get extra special treatment by the airport staff, doors would open, cordons would be lifted and we would be encouraged through, and eventually, we would be escorted straight to three extra large first class seats on the flight. I was left disappointed, as i sat glumly in economy praying that the people in the seat in front wouldn’t recline their seats. As a 6ft man, this is a truly wonderful experience, i do so love the feeling of metal digging into my knees, while someone in the seat in front, oblivious to my pain sleeps peacefully. If that had occurred i would have fed my son as many jelly babies as possible and then when the sugar kicked in, i would encourage him, to climb all over the back of the seat in front. That would teach him for trying to recline his seat on me, try sleeping now seat 27C! The flight though was pretty amazing. Ever looked out the window over the wilderness of Northern Canada? It is amazingly sparse and desolate. It got me thinking two things, now would not be a good time to crash, and how amazing would it be to be down there in complete absence of any buildings or sign of life, just to experience that for a few minutes, would be incredible i feel, to feel the cold chill wind and hear nothing, no sounds, it just gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, we arrived in Los Angeles and checked in at the Hilton at the airport. Due to the long journey, it made sense to leave the car rental pick up and navigating the madness that is LA’s freeway system until the next day. Before moving on, i have to admit two things, I love American Airports and Airport Hotels. And the reason is the people, one thing i find fascinating is how passionate and involved Americans are in their careers. As they strut through the airport with ear pieces in, they are busy discussing what sound like million dollar deals, while opening an Apple laptop to respond to some email, or view some snazzy graph, of course going in the right direction. The same scenes overflow into the Airport Hotel, with smart dressed men and women towing behind cabin sized wheelies with an almost bigger laptop bag sitting on top and another accompanying bag (exploitation of the cabin baggage rules is alive and well).

So after checking in and exploiting our Hilton Honors Club membership to get free, yes i say free wifi (they of course have introduced a second tier of higher speed internet for their more esteemed members, this is a great way to keep you in your place!), we made our way down to that amazing home of overeating…. Denny’s. Denny’s is a homogenous style diner, that serves pretty substantial breakfasts (substantial is actually an understatement here), and enormous helpings of food 24 hours a day. It takes about 25 minutes to read through the menu, and by this time the waiter/waitress has refilled your coffee about 3 times! After filling up on food and then eating some more, we rolled back out onto the street and it was dark.

It was dark, and being foreign in a foreign land, and that foreign land being America, and that foreign city being Los Angeles I had visions of Black gang members behind every lamppost, standing next to me every time i stopped, cars with lowered suspension and loud music bellowing out onto the street slowing down approximately 5 metres behind me, and stopping when I stop only to move on again. All these fears were all the result of too much television, so many programs depicting stereotypes, i can’t tell reality from fiction. Regardless, i was happy to see the lights of the hotel, and the reassuring lobby and as i got closer the busy, motivated and engaged business people passing by! I do love airport hotels


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